Celebrating our heritage together with our customers having passionately shared their lives with our products for many years has motivated us to step into new ways of doing service. Together with a group of 9 carefully selected Service Centers in Europe and US (APAC to come), we have established a Classic Service Alliance specialising in giving new life to our cherished classics.

Over the last months, we have dug deep into archives containing technical documentation and product specifications of legacy products, discussed potential work-around options for technical issues where spare parts are no longer available, started to source single components and investigate options for reproduction of mechanical parts via 3D printing. Dedicated product renovation specialists have shared their longstanding experiences with us, while our Module Department has brought valuable competences from repairing modules and chassis over the last decades.

A new service category is born, and we will do our utmost to grow it successfully!

Announcing this initiative will surely generate high expectations for previously unresolved service solution requests. To be realistic, there are a number of limitations: some solutions are available from now on, some will come over time, while others will remain unfixable. Please rest assured that the Classic Service Alliance partners will go extraordinary ways to find a repair solution fitting the product and customer needs.

The partners are provided with transport boxes that allow for cross-border shipping so that you and customers can select the preferred specialist.

The intention of this alliance is to offer extended and additional service based on the investment, own research, experience, and responsibility for service solutions worked out in this closed group, and these solutions will therefore not be made available outside of the group. Selected parts sourced for specific solutions will be available exclusively for this network. Repairing legacy products outside this alliance will remain possible and will not be affected by this program.

Do not hesitate to challenge the capabilities of our Classic Service Alliance and see what they can do for you and for your customers. We will carefully monitor incoming requests and try to assist in finding durable solutions in high demand cases.